union stanley logo.png

Located Inside

Stanley Marketplace 

2501 Dallas St., Aurora, Co 80010



About Union Stanley

Union Stanley provides coworking space that hosts entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and consultants. Open now, Union is located inside the Stanley Marketplace, which houses over 50 locally owned small businesses under one roof on the border of Stapleton in Denver and the City of Aurora, Colorado . Founded and managed by Feder Commercial Realty Advisors, tenants can look forward to internal partnerships and mentors within the office for the next steps of innovation. 

Union Stanley community members will be able to take advantage of the large coworking community within our network using management software created by Proximity Space. Not only will community members be able to work within the Union network, but will also have access to other coworking spaces within the Proximity Space network. The Proximity Space network includes over 10 locations in Colorado, with network partners in 50+ other locations through out the US!